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We offer Servers and VMs, Database and OS Migrations, Backup and Recovery Solution Licenses

Our Services

Expertise in hardware, software, and people are our value proposition. We offer end to end solutions to the entire information technology stack. You don't need to talk to different vendors regarding your hardware, software and IT people requirements.

Professional Services

Our IT Team is Completely at Your Service.

You understand the value of outsourcing to a top-tier IT professional services consulting company. We scale even greater heights of IT effectiveness by allowing our team to help you address more complex IT challenges than can be met by our standard managed service offerings.

Our Difference

To incorporate support for technologies not included in Fortis product mix to more effectively manage even the most complicated heterogeneous IT environments. To provide seamless pre-sales, post-sales, and implementation support to flawlessly drive consulting engagements from beginning to end and act as a trusted advisor for everything from basic colocation to data center migration to advanced network and security issues

Managed Services

Our highest-level accreditations with key international strategic partners with Oracle and Microsoft means that we are able to offer our customers bespoke solutions that integrate with and support their legacy technology platforms.

Fortis follows the service management IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency is offered to their customers. Our more than 20 years of experience in delivering managed services for communications networks, data center infrastructures, business applications, and major IT infrastructure is backed by significant investment in people, tools, processes and services infrastructure.


Fortis focuses on emerging and innovative technologies and our breadth of integration expertise encourages close cooperation with our key technology partners. Our close partner relationships mean we are often first to market and to deploy new technologies, especially in the areas of Communications and Collaboration, and Data Center.



Operating System


System Development

Our Products

Ready-made software that is developed for a general-purpose. The modules of the software are developed in such a way that anyone can use any particular module.

Emergency Response Hub

Maximize the collective resources of all agencies in your area to cut down response time.

The Emergency Response Hub is based on local government requirements. It enables operations to shorten time loss during incident report taking and dispatching of emergency operation in writing and transferring a piece of incident from and to the responders. Aiming for faster inputs of incident, call log recording, easily accessible review; faster and accurate inventory search for response such as police, fire protection officer, medical response, and rescue teams. ERH consists of several subsystems that collaborate on the server level using web services which are connected end-to-end. Data captured are consolidated in a central database system. Providing geographical mapping of data and resource inventory to the dispatch officer and facilitate estimation of dispatch response time, route or direction from the origin of the response to incident site.

Document Information Management System

Automated digitalization and filing.

DIMP is out of the box solution that offers a mass function for scanning paper documents. It has three of the most important features that you need for your organization:

  • (1) Security Control: function controls which users have access to which information;
  • (2) Addition, Designation and Version Control: allow users to add documents to the system and designate a d document as an official government/company record;
  • (3) Metadata Capture and Use: allow users to capture and use the metadata appropriate for your agency.

Other Features:

  • Storage
  • Free-text search
  • Hypertext links
  • Automatic conversion
  • Compound document management- single document that contain multiple elements

Our Clients

Bureau of Internal Revenue


East West Bank

GMA Network

Insurance Commission


Angeles City, Pampanga

Social Securities System

Thomson Reuters

Union Bank

Securities and Exchange Commission

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